Software advice

If you are feeling frustrated attempting to get some feature to work in software, particularly MS Office? If so, give us a call.

We may be able to help save you time and lower your stress levels. We have a minimum consultancy fee of only $50 and a no fix, no pay policy. If we cannot fix your problem we do not charge you anything.

We have many years experience using MS Office in corporate firms writing business reports, business modelling, budgeting and preparing presentations.  We can use this experience to help save you time.

As small business operators ourselves now, we understand that time is very limited and access to corporate resources is non-existent.

So come on, call us and maybe, just maybe, save yourself time and stress when you need it.

Once we understand the nature and scope of the required work we’ll let you know if the work is going to exceed our minimum fee.

Anything that involves serious programming/coding effort will exceed the minimum fee and is best to call us so we can work out what is the best way of helping you.