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  • Tired of talking to a call centre that doesn’t care and can’t help you?
  • Tired of talking to an automated answering service?
  • Fed up with being cut off before you get to speak with someone?
  • Do you want good old-fashioned Aussie service?

Then give us a call on 1300 760 896 or (03) 9001 8555 and we’ll help you.

It has been a busy 12 months for us introducing new services, welcoming Ozwide customers and upgrading backend servers. We hope you like the changes to our web site and our new services.

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And you can check the weather for Caloundra and Gympie below:

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Important note: If you receive any emails asking for passwords, then do not reply. We do not ask you via email to give us passwords. All attempts to solicit password information from you via email is fraudulent and the email should be deleted.